FFJournal May 2015 Cover Featuring FantomWorks


By Lynn Stanley

British novelist Christopher Priest wrote that every exceptional magic trick is composed of three acts. The Pledge introduces an ordinary object, the Turn misdirects attention while the object is made to do something extraordinary, and the Prestige [the reveal] restores the object in a manner that leaves audiences wondering how it was done.

The same could be said of Dan Short, owner of Norfolk, Virginia-based DRS Automotive FantomWorks, who practices his own brand of restoration magic with classic cars, aircraft and boats. Tricks of the trade include a mastery of metal, high-tech know-how and old world craftsmanship.

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  1. Dan and the Crew;
    Really enjoy watching your show on your recreation/restoration project vehicles of fellow automotive enthusiasts. My inspiration for my project, a 1948 Ford half-ton,(F-1,F-47)comes from watching the your team of skillful mechanics/technicians performing their magic. I have a somewhat knowledgeable background as a certified mechanic, auto technician trained on urban buses in Winnipeg, Canada. I have owned a number of hi-performance factory hot rods.1967 Mercury Cougar(390-GT,4 speed manual transmission factory original)rebuilt the Holley 4bbl,otherwise stock,1971 Dodge Charger SE with 383,(Ralleye) gauges) that I added “68 Road Runner 4bbl.cast intake, with “71 ‘Cuda Carter AVS carb.,granted a lot of factory bolt-ons.However,90% of those factory pieces worked well with each other. Also helped my friends with their cars, one buddy had a 1971 Mustang,429-4V,4 speed,4:11 Drag Pak optioned car. Another had me tune-up his 1969 Dodge Daytona Charger,440-4bbl.Auto,2.96 geared car.Sorry,I am not applying for a job with my above comments. Just expressing a true admiration for what you folks accomplish tweaking, rewiring, repairing,restoring,and resurrecting all these wonderfully challenging projects. At my 60 years, wrenching is now a hobby to enjoy. I do classic car appraisals, have sat on a couple of car club elected executive officer positions. Keep up these great shows, that showcases all your people’s talents. Website is for our Provincial car group, democratically representing some 60 car clubs.


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