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“At FantomWorks the process of building the car of your dreams takes our artisans one to two years of skilled labor to complete. The parts budget for a full restoration is driven by the market and can vary tremendously. If what you’re looking for is a shop to paint over blemishes and turn out a budget build then we are not your shop.  Every day, in every way, our artisans are honing their craft to bring you the finest restorations possible.”

-Dan Short


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We strongly encourage you to research any automotive shop’s quality, reputation, and integrity before you make any sort of investment. After thorough research, we are confident you will discover FantomWorks is your only choice because, in reality, we don’t have any local competition and only a handful of competitors in the United States.  

“FantomWorks, because you’ve waited long enough…”




The vehicles restored at FantomWorks are customer owned. Each customer has either purchased or already owns their classic vehicle before bringing it to us for restoration. As a classic car restoration and repair shop, our job is to provide our customers with the services to improve or renew the look and performance of their classic automobile. FantomWorks does, however, host a free site where you can list or browse listings of classic cars for sale. You can view our courtesy listings here: