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Hey everyone, this week we check out a recently completed shop project here at FantomWorks.  This is a built from scratch stairwell that has been erected in the “Apartment” within the shop.  The steps were designed, created, cut, fabricated and painted all by the great team we have here.  Each step features the Fantomworks logo and was cut out of 1/8″ steel on our plasma table in the MachineShop.  Each post foot also features the FantomWorks logo with each one containing a letter that spells out FantomWorks.  Designed around an already in place post, the stairwell steps were the brainchild of Dan and our CAD designer.  Working together they have created a one of a kind stairwell that is both useful as well as beautiful.  So if you ever come down for a tour on Friday @ 3pm, make sure Audrey shows you this working piece of art.



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  1. That’s really beautiful! I was in Virginia last fall and toured your shop with my husband and brother-in-law, we really enjoyed it! Now I want to come again just to see what’s new, and check out this amazing stairwell!

    Great job!

    Erica Johnson


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