Latest happenings at FantomWorks

Work Continues on the Shop

Hey everyone, this week we check out a recently completed shop project here at FantomWorks.  This is a built from scratch stairwell that has been erected in the “Apartment” within the shop.  The steps were designed, created, cut, fabricated and painted all by the great team we have here.  Each step features the Fantomworks logo and was cut out of 1/8″ steel on our plasma table in the MachineShop.  Each post foot also features the FantomWorks logo with each one containing a letter that spells out FantomWorks.  Designed around an already in place post, the stairwell steps were the brainchild of Dan and our CAD designer.  Working together they have created a one of a kind stairwell that is both useful as well as beautiful.  So if you ever come down for a tour on Friday @ 3pm, make sure Audrey shows you this working piece of art.


New Addition to Dan’s Office

Hey everyone, this week we check out a beautiful handcrafted addition to Dan’s Office. This walnut and glass display case was created in the wood shop here at FantomWorks. Designed to fit within the original windows that separated Dan’s Office from his personal entrance into the Malt Shop, they hold Dan’s favorite from his collection.  Holding over a hundred models from small matchbox size cars to the larger C1 Corvette, this wonderful addition allows the models to be displayed but not get overly dusty in this shop environment.  The glass display case include a bookshelf bottom that hold Dan’s collection of automobile manuals and various automobile related books.  Still in the process of being completed, these glass cabinets will have overhead lighting that will illuminate each shelf, allowing the beauty of each model to be shown. So if you ever come down to the shop for a Friday tour, peer through the glass to check out this excellent example of the work we do here at FantomWorks.


W.F. & J Barnes Co. Camelback Drill Press

Hey everyone, this week we showcase something we partially refurbished with the intent to display in our  upstairs “museum”. Once this area is completed the “museum” will display some more of the antiques and collectibles that Dan has acquired over the years, during the weekly shop tour.  Until then we will post some of these every now and then so please sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out.

This is a 1890’s 20″ Camelback Drill Press from the W. F. & J. Barnes Co out of Rockford IL, USA.  W. F. & John Barnes Co. was established 1869, made a formal partnership between William F. Barnes and John Barnes in 1872, and incorporated in 1884. This company was an early manufacturer of pedal-powered equipment. (By 1881 they were also making powered machinery.) There were many companies making lightweight foot-powered equipment, but Barnes and the Seneca Falls Co. were the only ones to also make professional-grade machines. From the beginning of their existence, they focused on pedal-powered machinery, especially scroll saws.  This one features an overhead drive set up and from what I have heard was probably used in a industrial setting with multiple machines set up in-line.  All the machines would be set up to one large drive overhead with belts coming down to power each machine.  This one has been cleaned up and partially restored with a fresh coat of paint and a thorough cleaning of parts.

Service Writer/ Lead Mechanic Wanted

Seeking an experienced Service Writer who can also function as a Mechanic, who understands maintenance sequencing for a full-time, day position.

 Dream job working with antique vehicles in a 52,000 square foot facility.  Knowing classic automobiles and muscle cars is a requirement.

 Work schedule would include Service Writer management of the three-man mechanical Division doing the mechanical portion of beginning-to-end restorations, sequencing / prioritizing jobs and logistics assistance.  The other part of the work schedule includes actually being a Mechanic, assisting in the restorations of antique vehicles from turn of the century to 1973.

Computer skills required. Must understand basics of computers and typing.

 Pay is negotiable and highly competitive in this industry. Pay is based on experience, knowledge, and performance.

No one will be considered without a resume. Submit resume here.

New Addition to the Front Yard

Hey everyone, this week we welcome our newest permanent addition to the front yard here at FantomWorks, this 53 GMC truck will eventually become the centerpiece for our new sign.  We couldn’t resist letting this awesome representation of what we do just sit idly by while we finish the rest of its companion pieces, so we moved it to the front yard.  Now everyone that comes by to visit will have a vehicle they can take pictures with.  So if you are ever in the Norfolk, VA area and are free on Friday @ 3pm stop by for our shop tour and maybe take a picture with some cool yard art.

Season 5 Premiere

As you all may already know, Season 5 of FantomWorks premieres Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 9pm (8pm central) on the Velocity channel, check your local listing for more information.  We here at FantomWorks are definitely feeling the anticipation for this upcoming season, as we kick off the season restoring a ’62 Maserati and a ’66 VW Bug.  The excitement and eagerness to share the trials and eventual result of every build this season is felt by the whole FantomWorks team.  So please join us every Tuesday at 9pm EST on Velocity and right back here for more inside looks into DRS Automotive FantomWorks.

Upholstery Tech Wanted

Do you have Upholstery skills?  Do you love antique vehicles?  We need you at FantomWorks.  We have an immediate opening for an Upholstery Tech position which is a full-time, day position.  Pay is negotiable and will be based upon experience and job performance.  If this sounds like an ideal opportunity then send your resume to


FFJournal May 2015 Cover Featuring FantomWorks


By Lynn Stanley

British novelist Christopher Priest wrote that every exceptional magic trick is composed of three acts. The Pledge introduces an ordinary object, the Turn misdirects attention while the object is made to do something extraordinary, and the Prestige [the reveal] restores the object in a manner that leaves audiences wondering how it was done.

The same could be said of Dan Short, owner of Norfolk, Virginia-based DRS Automotive FantomWorks, who practices his own brand of restoration magic with classic cars, aircraft and boats. Tricks of the trade include a mastery of metal, high-tech know-how and old world craftsmanship.

Read the full article here:


Contractor Won’t Pay for Damages to Norfolk Business

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Dan Short, owner of FantomWorks in Norfolk, feels helpless.

“Frustrating is just a part of what I’m feeling,” Short told

When the city of Norfolk offered to send someone to clean graffiti off his classic car shop over the summer, it seemed like a no-brainer. But now he’s changed his mind.

“I will never allow the city to call another contractor to come here and fix any damage on my property again,” he said.

Norfolk Business Insider Article

“Tour a #1 TV Hit

Millions Watch Velocity Channel’s FantomWorks – Filmed in Norfolk Location

Season two of FANTOMWORKS earned Velocity its highest-rated season for a series ever among males 25-54, and this past season has reached approximately 7.9 million total viewers. The August 10 world premiere of FANTOMWORKS at 9PM was the network’s highest-delivering telecast in network history among persons 25-54.  Season one’s world premiere of FANTOMWORKS was also the network’s highest-delivering telecast in network history.”





Read More at:

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